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Our Lady of the Rosary
213 Harold’s Cross Road
Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W

Rev Alex Conlan - Parish Priest

fr alex conlan

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EdithSacristan:         Edith Compton

Tel:                  01-4965055

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Pastoral Council

MaryODwyer  Chairperson:      Mary O’Dwyer

  Tel:                   01-4965055

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Parish Safeguarding Representatives

Regina Bradford and Gaye Duke

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The Trimmins on the Rosary
I can see that little mother still and hear her as she pleads,
"Now it's getting on to bed-time; all you childer get your beads".
Then we'd softly gather round her, and we'd speak in accents low,
And pray like Sainted Dominic so many years ago.
And the little Irish mother's face was radiant, for she knew
That "where two or three are gathered" He is gathered with them too.
O'er the paters and the aves how her reverent head would bend,
How she'd kiss the cross devoutly when she counted to the end.
Gentle was that little mother, and her wit would sparkle free,
But she'd murder him who looked around while at the Rosary.
And if perchance you lost your beads, disaster waited you,
For the only one she'd pardon was "himself" because she knew
He was hopeless, and 'twas sinful what excuses he'd invent,
So she let him have his fingers and he cracked them as he went.
And bedad he wasn't certain if he'd counted five or ten,
Yet he'd face the crisis bravely and would start around again.
But she tallied all the decades and she'd block him on the spot,
With a "Glory, Daddah, Glory" and he'd "Glory" like a shot...
Extract from 'The Trimmins on the Rosary' by John O'Brien
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